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June-Alexandrite Birthstone Italian Charm


Alexandrite is one of the finest color change stones in nature, resembling Emerald and Ruby. Though June-Alexandrite Birthstone features synthetic Alexandrite, it looks like a real one. A top-quality stainless steel base serves as a perfect glittering backdrop for a colorful stone of light pink color. The stone facets are placed in exact geometric relation to each other when the stone is being cut what makes the shades of pink change when the rays of light reflect the surface. Alexandrite has come to symbolize a happy marriage that means that you just can't go without it for your 3rd or 30th wedding anniversary! Make sure to match it with the same style of cutting Alexandrite Mouse and Alexandrite Zirconia flower birthstone Italian charms for the perfect looks. Buy June-Alexandrite Birthstone Italian Charm

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