Italian Charms
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Key chains based on Italian charms

Design your very own personalized key chain. Italian Charm bracelets enables you to add symbols as you wish, using letters, zodiac symbols, flags, birthstones, animals, and more to create a completely unique and originally keyring.

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9mm Key Chain Italian Charm
9mm Key Chain Italian Charm
Best Italian Charms for Italian Charm Bracelets
  • Idaho License Plate Custom Charm- Idahoís license plate, complete with red , white and blue detailing, can now be your favorite accessory to wear. Wear your favorite state on your Italian...
  • Cupid in Heart Gold Laser Charm- This mischievous little Cupid is up to no good again. Carefully lasered, this whimsical charm will sure get some chuckles.
  • Black and White Flower Hearts Laser Charm- The black and white flowers in this charm create a streaking color contrast. Simple flowers are etched by laser into a strong stainless steel base.
  • Alabama License Plate Custom Charm- Show your love and support of your favorite state with this Alabama License Plate Custom Charm. It features a miniature photograph of the Alabama license...
  • Four Leaf Clover Silver Charm- The luck of the Irish. This beautifully constructed dangle clover is made from 925 sterling silver and delicately set onto a high-grade stainless steel base...
  • 13 Italian Charm- Classic and pretty 13 Laser Italian Charm. This number 13 will bring you luck, so don't miss chance to add it to your bracelet. This charm is made from high...