Italian Charms
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Mega Link

Now you can double your charm bracelet with a unique Italian charm. Featuring the Mega Link Italian Charm that is designed to attach two bracelets together for a more exciting and unique Italian charm bracelet. You can choose from unique Custom Photo Mega Link Charms, Custom Laser Mega Link Charms, gorgeous Enamel Mega Link Charms and even a Blank Mega Link Charm for a sophisticated look. Whatever you choose, a mega link Italian charm will surely brighten up any Italian charm collection.

  Mega Link: 3 items         
Mega Link Italian Charm
Mega Link Italian Charm
Mega Link Custom Laser Charm
Mega Link Custom Laser Charm
Mega Link Custom Photo Charm
Mega Link Custom Photo Charm
Best Italian Charms for Italian Charm Bracelets
  • Heart with Roses Laser Charm- Beautiful heart outline and roses laser charm make for an excellent gift to give to your sweetie for Valentine's Day. Images are laser etched into a strong...
  • Black and Gold Horse Laser Charm- If you love horses, this is the perfect charm for you. Piece features the word HORSES engraved largely with brilliant gold. Beneath the word is a trio a black...
  • Nevada State Flag Italian Charm- Shown here is the official state flag of Nevada. On a cobalt blue background in the upper left quarter is a five-pointed silver star between two sprays of...
  • Symbolic Capricorn Icon in Box Black Laser Charm- Pictured here is the abstract sketch of the Zodiac Capricorn, which means goat. A Capricorn's sense of humor is generally impeccable, although you fail to see...
  • Doberman Pincher Dog Photo Charm- If you own a Doberman Pincher, then you know that this dog is extremely loyal and protective of its environment and of its owners. So, always remember and...
  • Angel throwing Stars Laser Charm- Here's an angel who thinks he's a ninja by the way he's chucking stars around! The cute and comical image is laser etched into a strong, stainless steel base...