Italian Charms
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Mega Link

Now you can double your charm bracelet with a unique Italian charm. Featuring the Mega Link Italian Charm that is designed to attach two bracelets together for a more exciting and unique Italian charm bracelet. You can choose from unique Custom Photo Mega Link Charms, Custom Laser Mega Link Charms, gorgeous Enamel Mega Link Charms and even a Blank Mega Link Charm for a sophisticated look. Whatever you choose, a mega link Italian charm will surely brighten up any Italian charm collection.

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Mega Link Italian Charm
Mega Link Italian Charm
Mega Link Custom Laser Charm
Mega Link Custom Laser Charm
Mega Link Custom Photo Charm
Mega Link Custom Photo Charm
Best Italian Charms for Italian Charm Bracelets
  • Gemini Laser Italian Charm- One more wonderful charm to display your Zodiac sign on your bracelet. Great Gemini Laser Italian Charm is perfect part for all Gemini charms collection. The...
  • Swan Italian Charm 13mm- Beautiful and graceful Swan Italian Charm. Elegant swan is painted in white enamel on a sparkling blue background. Glittering background makes expression of...
  • Life Savor Sterling Silver Italian Charm- Gorgeous dangle Life Savor is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a premium stainless steel link. This wonderful charm is going to be your bracelet...
  • Baseball Mitt and Ball Photo Charm- Shown here is an antique picture of an old baseball mitt and baseball against the dirt of a playing field. Whether you love to play America's favorite...
  • Black Pisces Fishes Laser Charm- Pictured here is a pair of precisely sketched black fish, which is the Zodiac icon for the Pisces. Pisces are intuitive and sympathetic, while sometimes being...
  • Japanese Chin Dog Photo Charm- If you own a Japanese Chin, you know just how affectionate and extremely devoted it is to you. Well, show that same loyalty to your gorgeous pet by getting a...