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Kanji Symbol
Kanji Symbol "Quest" Italian Charm
Kanji Symbol
Kanji Symbol "Quick" Italian Charm
Best Italian Charms for Italian Charm Bracelets
  • OH State Italian Charm- This is not just part of USA- it is part of your live. Your favorite state now can take its place on your charms bracelet. Beautiful Ohio State Italian Charm...
  • Teamwork Photo Charm- This Photo charm showcases a motivational image of a silhouette of two people helping each other out while mountain climbing. The silhouette is in front of a...
  • Silly Groundhog Laser Charm- Here we have a silly looking groundhog that's peeking his little head from out his hole, and I don't see a shadow! More winter!
  • Kanji Symbol "Republic" Italian Charm- This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means ďRepublicď. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for any...
  • Class of 2012 Italian Charm- You achieved a lot in 2012- you became a graduating senior. Amazing Class of 2012 Italian Charm will keep your memories about your great accomplishment. The...
  • Black Etching Italian Charm- The second process that the color laser-engraver can achieve is a black etching. Now unlike the regular black laser engraving that can only produce single...