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Kanji Symbol
Kanji Symbol "Quest" Italian Charm
Kanji Symbol
Kanji Symbol "Quick" Italian Charm
Best Italian Charms for Italian Charm Bracelets
  • Kiss Me Heart Shaped Box Laser Charm- Here's a little hint that a guy can try on his girl to get a little smooch. Present her with this heart shaped box with the phrase "Kiss Me" in the middle.
  • Weightlifting Laser Italian Charm- Now you can have your favorite sport charm on the bracelet. This great and beautiful Weightlifting Laser Italian Charm is perfectly clear and very original...
  • Gay Pride Smiley Face Italian Charm- In the dictionary, the word “:gay” means “happy”. Why not be proud AND happy of your sexual preference with this cheery photo charm.
  • Turquoise Aquarius Italian Charm- Turquoise Aquarius Italian charm is for those who are recognizing that change is not all bad and accept the freedom and individual purpose that it brings...
  • English Foxhound Dog Custom Photo Charm- Pictured on this gorgeous stainless steel Italian charm is an image of an English Foxhound that is black, tan, and white in color. Some of the English...
  • Kanji Symbol "Deep love" Italian Charm- This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means ďDeep loveď. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for...