Italian Charms
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Kanji Symbol
Kanji Symbol "Quest" Italian Charm
Kanji Symbol
Kanji Symbol "Quick" Italian Charm
Best Italian Charms for Italian Charm Bracelets
  • Shimmering Gold Diamond Enamel Charm- Diamonds are a girlís best friend, so why not make this Italian charm with a large gold diamond image your new best friend. You get the best quality gold with...
  • Australia-laser Italian Charm- Make sure you will always remember tour vocation to the far and unusual country. Take piece of Australia with you on your bracelet. Australia Laser Italian...
  • 13mm Gold Plated Edge Starter Bracelet Italian Charm- Beautiful and gorgeous 18 links Gold Plated Edge Starter Bracelet is wonderful base for your new 13mm charms bracelet. Bracelet is made from premium and shiny...
  • TEST Gold Laser Charm- Shown here is a brilliant gold TEST image, which is laser etched into a strong, high-grade stainless steel base link. Its awe-inspiring quality will leave you...
  • Wales Flag Italian Charm- Featured here is the official flag of Wales. The flag is divided in half by two horizontal bands of white and green. In the middle, there is a red dragon.
  • Green Libra Italian Charm- Look at Green Libra Italian Charm!!! Beautiful Libra painted in gold enamel in green and sparkling oval with gold trim. All Libras are going to love having...